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We offer you at least 3-5% discount from the manufacturer if you want to contact him through our company.


We provide certified and kit version of top technology light sport aircraft for sport pilots.

Skylarkusa has the industrial rights and legal license with exclusivity to manufacture and distribution world wide of Skylark aircraft.

Information about the Skylark aircraft.

The American company Skylark USA LLC acquired in 2016 the worldwide manufacturing and sale license, with exclusivity, of the Skylark aircraft from the designer of aircraft Dr. David Marsden.

For any question or concern regarding this announcement and letter please don’t hesitate to contact the team at [email protected].

Skylark USA will start Skylark aircraft’s serial production in the US as a kit version and a LSA certificate aircraft.

Skylark USA is located in Sacramento, California and has a strong commitment to help the aviation community to achieve its goals and fulfill its dreams.

Skylark USA’s owner and CEO, Nick Suciu declares:

“I am representing my Company in the United States AND WORLDWIDE with great pride and dignity in order to serve and fulfill the needs of our customers. My goal is to fully satisfy Skylark’s buyers with an outstanding product. Our Web page can be found at For now we are selling a fast build kit. By the end of the year WE WILL put on the market a complete certified Skylark aircraft version proudly made in USA.”

Skylark aircraft is based on Dr. David Marsden original design. The initial design has been tested in the University of Alberta’s wind tunnel, a capability not available to many LSA designers at the time. Skylark incorporates in its design improvements and refinements due to the accumulated know-how during manufacturing, testing, certification, and customers’ flight. Skylark airplane is constructed mostly out of 2024-T6 riveted aluminum, the time-honored, traditional, and high quality airplane craftsmanship.

Performance-wise the airplane has one of the highest stall to cruise speed ratios of any LSA, for non turbo airplanes, at 3:16. The airfoil is a semi natural laminar flow intended to keep airflow attached as far aft on the chord as possible. The wing is also fitted with swept winglets to convert part of wingtip vortices to lift .The T-tailed empennage positions the elevator high up out of the wash of propeller so it is less susceptible to power changes.

Skylark’s gross weight is 1,320 lbs. and an empty airplane weights 650-660 lbs., which means a typically equipped Skylark carries its own weight in useful load.

With the 24 gallons of fuel twin wing tanks it can still fly away with over 500 lbs. load at a 1,200 feet /minute climb rate to a 14,000 feet service ceiling.

Skylark features a conventional stick for roll and pitch control.

The 43 inch wide cabin has two side-by-side seats, luggage compartment, and a forward sliding, single piece, high visibility bubble canopy.

The standard tricycle gear is fitted with slickly faired wheel pants, steerable nose wheel, and conventional hydraulic toe braking.

Factory built Skylark is equipped with a four cylinder 100 HP Rotax 912 engine. The fast build kit offers the owner the possibility to choose from a line of engines: Rotax, 912. Optional the plane can be fitted with a Ballistic Rescue System, with the parachute mounted in the front of the fuselage, behind the firewall.

More than two hundred airplanes have been built and fly since the beginning of the project with a good safety record; up to date there is no fatality connected to any incident involving a Skylark airplane.

Pilots and builders are invited to contact Skylark USA for more details and pricing at: [email protected]

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